Emergency Preparation and Evacuation Guidelines

The Mayhill Fire District is vulnerable to a number of natural and environmental threats. Possible dangers that may result in the need for emergency action and possible evacuation include wildland fires. Planning and preparation prior to an event plus teamwork are key elements to successful management of an emergency.

Should you receive word to evacuate, it is imperative that you do as instructed. Do not delay. Stay calm and gather your family. Follow the directions as they were given you. Place a white sheet or cloth on your home, visible from the main access. Take your pre-assembled emergency kit, family and pets*, lock your home and depart by the most direct, safe route as advised.


Have a family and/or neighbor-to-neighbor plan for emergency actions.
In that plan, include:

Prepare an emergency supply kit and include:

If time allows prior to evacuation, additional steps can be taken
to protect your home which include:

Prepare now by creating a defendable home

  1. Stack firewood 100 feet away from the house and cover
  2. Enclose openings such as porches & foundations
  3. Keep vegetation mowed and debris cleared at least 30 feet around house
  4. Trim ladder fuels and limbs hanging near or over structures
  5. Replace or treat flammable roofing with fire retardant materials
  6. Install spark  arrestors on chimneys
  7. Keep roofs and gutters clear of debris
  8. Keep a water hose near outdoor faucets
  9. Keep access to and from house clear
  10. If possible, provide an accessible outdoor water storage supply